Well, today is my birthday!

2013-10-08 12:49:03 by tbremise

I am now officially 20.
My god, that means I am getting old. :P

If I have time (which I won't) I will try to draw something or make a song or just do something for my birthday.

On side news, I am slowly working on an animation that I hope to get out either at the end of this month of some time next month. I am actually putting a lot of thought into the concept at the moment and have some good sketch art going so far.


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2013-10-08 13:10:35

Happy Birthday! 20's a nice and even number. Don't say you're having a mid-beginning-life crisis already :P

tbremise responds:

Ha ha, thanks man! Nah, just realizing my teen years are now behind me. xD


2013-10-08 13:49:58

Yeah, not that much changes except... dem bills. O_o


2013-10-08 14:54:33

Happy Birthday. This is the start of the years of discovery. Have a great one and take care.

tbremise responds:

Thanks man!


2013-10-08 22:51:16

Cyberdevil it's called a quarter life crysis. Also Happy Birthday! One more year and then you can drown yourself in alcohol. :)

tbremise responds:

Thanks man. ha ha.