I am finally back in the zone!

2014-01-31 18:10:46 by tbremise

I just was playing around with making some music and skecthing today, and it got me in a good mood finally. I may be sharing things on here again now.

I did submit an experimental song today, it is okay, I know it can be a bit loud and there may be a bit of a clash here and there, but I am still happy with it for now.

I have avoided posting pictures on here lately because well, I haven't made too many plus I feel that the recruiters are really strict on what gets passed and most of my stuff isn't up to snuff with what they would be wanting to be shown in the art portal. I have been improving though, so I might start submitting things on here again soon!

I may also soon be able to start up some small animation projects I've been wanting to do, we'll see, college is starting up, so I doubt I'll have time to put into such a project.

I have also recently bought minecraft, which has sucked away some of my life as well, ha ha.

Hope everyone has been good on newgrounds!




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