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Another year older

2017-10-08 09:24:26 by tbremise

I've always wondered what was in store,

When you turned the age of twenty-four.

What new adventures am I going to do

and what other things will I find to be new.

Well now I can find out along the way,

Because, well, today's my Birthday.


I'm another year older, crazy to see. Wow! I wish I had some art or something ready to share today, but my computer has been on the fritz the last couple weeks and I just recently ordered a new one that should arive tomorrow so hopefully soon I'll be able to start sharing art and stuff again!

Happy Halloween!

2016-10-30 10:13:30 by tbremise

My favorite holiday!

I was planning to do an animation but kept getting distracted, so all I have to share for this Halloween is the first background I made for it! 4563874_147783678863_houses.png

Another Birthday?

2016-10-08 10:00:07 by tbremise

Gosh I am starting to really get too old. I need to start working on content again.


I think this one turned out alright.


I'm going to be trying to do an animation exercise a week to challenge myself to get better. To see my potential progress I will be posting it on my tumblr. http://tbremise.tumblr.com/

Pixel Mondays Streams

2016-03-14 23:34:08 by tbremise

Come join me make pixel art and play pixel based games on Mondays on my Twitch Channel! I'll do streams usually around 6:30PM UTC. If I make anything good and worthwhile you'll see it on here soon enough!


Sarcastic Animation Jam 2015

2015-11-21 23:22:22 by tbremise

Made an entry for the jam. Kind of a wierd on, I just did what I thought of right away, you don't get much time to change things if you have a time limit, so stuck with what I started with. Not bad for only working on about 15 or so hours on.




Good luck to everyone else!

(I'm off to write a paper that I should have been doing instead now...)

Fallout 4 hype!

2015-11-09 20:11:07 by tbremise

Me and my penguin are so hyped for fallout 4 4563874_144711782312_falloutpenguin.png

Not the best, but drew it quickly. Used some drawings that fallout has drawn before.

Happy Halloween once again!

2015-10-31 22:35:15 by tbremise

It's been another good year. I haven't had any time to make an animation in a while, so a bit dissapointed that my hopes for one this Halloween. Hope everyone has a good time this Halloween season!





2014-10-30 23:10:07 by tbremise

I was making an animation, didn't have time to put as much effort into it as was hoping, so I just put it on my youtube, not here, don't think I put as much effort as I wanted to be put on here.

If you would like to check it out though, it is here: